Welcome to Quixotic Quill

Portrait of author Ezra Quill

Hi! I’m Ezra Quill, a reader, writer, and lover of stories. I mainly enjoy Fantasy and Science Fiction so favorite part of writing is creating new worlds and new characters. As my Works-In-Progress list can attest, I have no shortage of ideas. This blog  is meant to help those who might be struggling with that spark of creativity.

Writing can be a passion, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Sometimes you know you want to write something but struggle with that starting point. Other times you are in the midst of a project and your muse flees, leaving you grasping for threads of a story you’ve already put so much effort into. Quixotic Quill is here to help! Whether you’re looking for a new project or need a ladder to climb over your writer’s block, I’ve got the prompts and inspiration to get you through.

I will occasionally also share stories that I write based on the prompts I share. It is important to share your work not only to motivate yourself into continuing to create and improve but to encourage others to do the same. I hope that my stories can inspire you and bring a little joy to your day.

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